Leisure and music*

Consciously or unconsciously, we expose our ears to high levels of noise pollution during many leisure activities. A certain level of noise is simply part and parcel of some hobbies, but this doesn’t mean that our hearing has to suffer! audifon offers you many effective and comfortable systems, which won’t prevent you enjoying your leisure activities but will, at the same time, provide effective protection.

* currently not available in the US

Speech uses various filters to provide targeted hearing protection and simultaneously facilitate good communication. The wearer can hold conversations and hear warning signals.


Individually adapted hearing protection offers optimum sound fidelity across the entire frequency range and therefore lets you enjoy music of any kind the way it’s meant to be.


ER20 S
ER20 S consists of soft silicon plugs and is the standard sound hearing protection. Also available as ER20 SMC for small ear canals.

PartyPlug protects from loud noise at parties and in discos. The high-quality standard hearnig protection is especially good at protecting sensitive young ears from later problems.