Sleeping and travelling*

Good sleep is important for our overall wellbeing, because our bodies cannot relax properly if they don’t get enough rest over a prolonged period. However, sometimes we also just want to relax undisturbed when we’re travelling.

* currently not available in the US

Silence is silicon hearing protection, tailor-made to individuals, which fits the ear particularly well. The products offer an optimum seal and sit very comfortably. Silence is available in many attractive colours.


SleepSoft +
SleepSoft + provides particularly good insulation against traffic noise, snoring and other environmental noise, but lets you hear everything that’s important. Highfrequency alarms, such as doorbells, alarm clocks or baby crying, will be readily perceived despite the optimum insulation.


FlyFit is your indispensable companion on any journey. It provides perceptible relief from changes in aircraft pressure and reliably blocks out environmental noise (train, airplane, car, bus).