apollon_pic1apollon is a modern portable hearing system designed to conform to today’s electronic, handheld entertainment image. The elaborately designed system combines quality hearing with convenient handling while addressing the possible social stigma sometimes associated with hearing loss.

apollon’s versatile design compensates for almost any kind of conductive hearing losses in two ways, via a robust monaural or binaural bone conduction vibration system as well as a traditional air conduction receiver and ear piece.

Moreover, communication with devices such as MP3 players, Bluetooth receivers and mobile phones provides added adapter free versatility.

apollon_2Your advantages

  •  the core of apollon is a strong multi-channel programmable digital processor
  • flexible fitting possibilities with bone and air conduction signals
  • powerful signal processor with up to 92 dB gain for air conduction use, 64 dB for monaural bone conduction use and 55 dB for binaural bone conduction use


  • contact star evo 1
  • AN evo 1
  • contact mini
  • apollon