Motorsport and engineering*

Noise, which can have a negative impact on your hearing, and thus your health, is generated when doing DIY or other technical hobbies. Motorsport also involves numerous situations where it would be better for you to have protection, irrespective of whether you’re a spectator or active participant.

* currently not available in the US

Protect is comfortable, high-performance hearing protection, perfect for motorsports enthusiasts.


Alpine cut out wind noise, but let through the sound of your motorbike or road traffic. Alpine is available in both hard acrylic and soft silicon. Acrylic’s very smooth surface is especially hygienic. Softer silicon is suitable for users with more sensitive ear canals.


MotoSafe TM consists of two universal hearing protectors and two different interchangeable filter sets. These special wind noise filters guarantee optimum protection whilst you can still hear ambient noises and can communicate clearly.