Hunting and shooting*

Using firearms places an enormous burden on the hearing. This applies just as much to hunters and sports gunmen as it does to people for whom the use of weapons is part of their daily routine. This is precisely when major damage can be caused in just a few minutes if uncomfortable ear protection is removed. Don’t let things get that far; try audifon’s comfortable, safe ear protection options specifically for this sector.

* currently not available in the US

ProTac II
ProTac II provides active hearing protection on both sides. It’s possible to hear in stereo with two extremely sensitive, volume-adjustable microphones. At the same time the internal electronics immediately limit any noise over 82 dB. Weak noises are amplified tenfold and loud noises dampened to the permissible limit. ProTac II thus allows unrestricted communication on the shooting range or in the countryside, whilst providing you with simultaneous optimum protection from sudden noises.


Optime II
Optime II was developed for serious noise pollution and also provides effective protection at very low frequencies. The seal rings in this capsule hearing protection are filled with a unique mixture of liquid and foam, guaranteeing an optimum seal in the case of even slight pressure. The low weight of just 210 g is another reason for Optime II being so comfortable to wear. Optime II is recommended for very noisy agricultural, airport or constructions industry jobs. Very hygienic because the sealing and insulation pads can be exchanged using hygiene set HY 52.